Real Estate-related fraud is at an all-time high, but Absolute Title can help protect you.

Given recent trends throughout the country, we have identified several red flags which may lead to a fraud occurring in your transaction. This fraud could, in turn, place liability on you as the agent. By staying vigilant and working with a member of our team you can lower the risk and protect your transaction.

Please contact us as soon as possible if one or more apply to your transaction:

  • · You have not met with your Seller/Buyer in person
  • · The deposit check is drawn on a foreign bank account and/or was received within a few days of closing
  • · The property is a vacant house or raw land with no structure The Seller or Buyer will not be attending the closing in person
  • · The Seller has asked that no signs be placed at the property to maintain "privacy"
  • · The Seller is pushing to close as soon as possible with a willingness to accept an offer well below market value