Buying your house can be a stressful part of life. The excitement and nervousness of moving your family to a new home can be overwhelming. With so many things to do there's always that one final piece of the puzzle that you have to fit in before the closing:

How do I bring my money to the closing?

You need to find time to run to your bank, wait in line and then pay for a bank certified check.

Or maybe you'll just wire your funds? That's great if your bank allows wires and you don't mind paying the $25-$50 fee!!!

We have a better solution for you. Simply follow the steps below and you can initiate a safe and secure transfer from your account to our account. Quick, easy and safe, because when you use AbsolutePay we're



I, [Your Name] , authorize Absolute Title, LLC to initiate a single ACH/electronic debit to my account in the amount of $[0.00] from my [Account Type] account, that allows outgoing ACH transfers, at your bank with account number [Account Number] and ABA/routing number [Routing Number] for the property at [Property Address]. I understand that this authorization will remain in full force and effect until I notify Absolute Title, LLC in writing/person at 8 Chestnut Dr., Bedford, NH 03110 that I wish to revoke this authorization. I understand that Absolute Title, LLC requires at least 5 days notice to cancel/return* this authorization.

For Refinance of Primary Residence: ABSOLUTEPAY may be initiated up to time of closing.

For A Purchase or Refinance of Investment Property:
Funds Under $100,000: ABSOLUTEPAY must be initiated by 2:30PM Eastern Time two business days prior to closing. If initiated after 2:30PM Eastern Time the funds may not be available for three business days.
Funds Over $100,000: ABSOLUTEPAY must be initiated by 2:30PM Eastern Time three business days prior to closing.

Investment/Brokerage Accounts: Brokerage and investment accounts frequently have outgoing ACH blocks in place. If you are using an investment or brokerage account for ABSOLUTEPAY, by continuing you are confirming that your account allows outgoing ACH transactions.

Note: the transfer is initiated at time of authorization. Amounts under $1M, prior to 2:30PM, will be same-day transactions. Requiring extra days is needed in the case of insufficient funds or errant entries like an incorrect account type or number.

To complete the payment process click "AUTHORIZE" below. We recommend you print and/or save a copy of this for your records. You will also be emailed a copy of this authorization at [e-mail]

ABSOLUTEPAY is currently offline at the moment for an update.

Thank you for your patience

You will be sent a copy of this authorization secured with your routing number

*Cancel/Return Authorization
· Reversals may only be made for the following three conditions:
   - wrong dollar amount
   - wrong account number
   - duplicate transaction

· When initiating a reversal, the reversing entry must be for the full amount, must be sent within five (5) banking days of original entry and must be sent within 24 hours of discovering the error.

· The Receiving Bank is under no obligation to post the reversing debit if it overdraws the payee's account or if the payee's account is closed.

· A payee must be notified if a reversing entry debits his or her account. However, a payee does not need to authorize the reversing debit